Jac Pac C02 Power System

Using JacPac

Use JacPac® anytime and anywhere you need portable compressor power in the palm of your hand.

Millwork and Flooring
The JacPac Nailer/Stapler (model J-6901-90) makes finishing millwork and installing hardwood floors incredibly quick and easy.

Attach the Jacmorr® Caulking Gun (model J-6901-41) and you are assured controlled flow for longer, seamless applications. It’s ideal for right or left hand use.

Whether working onsite or offsite, the JacPac makes upholstery work faster and easier. No more lugging heavy compressors around. The complete JacPac weighs less than a Sunday roast!

Inflating Sporting Equipment
From flat tires to soccer balls, the JacPac is handy to have around the house for almost any do-it-yourself job.

From quick repairs to final nailing, the JacPac drives every nail home strong and true. No more lugging dangerously heavy equipment up and down ladders. With JacPac in your hand and the power on your hip, you are saving time - and money.

The JacPac, when attached to a pneumatic pruning tool, slices through the toughest branches and is ideal for cutting up tough hoses and other hard-to-saw tubes. Automotive shops love the JacPac pruning shears because they quickly slice through AC hoses, etc.

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