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What the Pros Say

Thousands of tradespeople and do-it-yourselfers are saving time and effort on their job sites and projects by using their JacPac® CO2 Power System. We tracked down several professional tradespeople to ask them what they thought of their JacPac CO2 Power System.

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Upholstery - Onsite And Offsite Field Test

JacPac tested by:
Patrick Duval
Artisan Upholstery Works
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

The reality of saving time and effort without sacrificing quality is key to profitability in his business, says Patrick Duval of Artisan Upholstery Works in Kitchener, Ontario.

"I do a lot of on-site repairs, and many times I have to go up three flights or use elevators. The JacPac is so convenient; I can carry everything I need in one trip, saving myself time. I don't have to go back to my truck several times to get the compressor and the hoses and the tools. JacPac has everything I need all in one," says Duval. "JacPac CO2 Power System works wonderfully. It's now part of my tool kit."

Many of Artisan's clients are hair salons and the prospect of snaking air compressor lines across a salon for a quick repair just doesn't cut it, so JacPac's all-in-one power system that hooks onto Patrick's belt is ideal. With the pneumatic tacker as his tool of choice (all common pneumatic tools work with the JacPac CO2 power system), Duval can rip through a job in no time flat.

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Custom Window & Door Installation Field Test

JacPac tested by:
Peter Riehl
Classic Sash and Door
Portland, Oregon, USA

"I switched to a lightweight, portable compressed JacPac CO2 Power System," says Riehl of Classic Sash and Door in Portland, Oregon.

"I have easily saved myself at least 30 minutes on every set-up because now I don't have to haul out the heavy [air] compressor and set up all the lines and find a power outlet, and then after all that - I finally start my work. With the [JacPac] CO2 Power System, I just hook up the handy canister to my belt and attach my pneumatic tool and away I go. No waiting and all the power I need for the job," says Riehl.

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Automotive Mechanic's Field Test

JacPac tested by:
Gary Boudreau
Gary's Automotive Service
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

In a busy automotive garage, a pneumatic compressor is a vital power source but is limited to being useful inside the shop only. A lot of important work goes on outside of the bays where the compressor hoses just can't reach. But with the JacPac CO2 Power System, pneumatic tools, such as the grease gun attachment, have been set free from the ties of compressor hoses.

"We have been able to speed up work because the JacPac is used outside every day, where traditional compressors can't reach," says Gary Boudreau, owner of Gary's Automotive.

"It's got the power to be really useful in getting the small jobs done quickly," says Gary. "We've definitely added it as a regularly used tool in here."

Boudreau is especially impressed with the pruning shear tool that is designed exclusively for the JacPac CO2 Power System. "It cuts through air conditioning hose like butter," says a delighted Gary. "Before, we had to saw through them and it was a difficult process. Now we just snip right through them!"

While the JacPac will never replace a traditional air compressor in a garage, it certainly has taken up its rightful place as a required tool.

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