Jac Pac C02 Power System

Storage and Handling of CO2 Cylinders

Proper handling and storage best practices are very important when working with CO2 nail guns.

Filled CO2 cylinders are under pressure. Do not drop, puncture or store in high temperatures. When using, handling, transporting, and storing a CO2 cylinder, always be aware of the temperature to which the cylinder will be exposed.

This is not just the temperature the cylinder is exposed to at that time, but also the maximum temperature that the cylinder will be exposed to at any time in its service.

Temperature ° F Pressure P.S.I. (pounds per square inch)
0     (-18°C) 310
30   (-1°C) 480
40   (4°C) 550
60   (16°C) 710
70   (21°C) 825
90   (32°C) 1190
100 (38°C) 1390
125 (52°C) 2000*
155 (68°C) 3000*

Temperatures of 155°F (68°C) are easily reached in many different environments (i.e. in a vehicle on a hot day, enclosed car hauler, etc.). Unexpected venting of a cylinder through its safety vent can be startling and coming into contact with the venting of the CO2 charge of a cylinder can cause personal injury such as frostbite.

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