Jac Pac C02 Power System

How Long Does One CO2 Cylinder Last?

Each pneumatic tool consumes a different amount of CO2 per discharge, which affects the number of shots or tube usage per cylinder. This chart * reflects the average shots or tube usage per cylinder expected.
To learn about the other aspects that effect capacity, check out our ultimate guide on CO2 nailers here.

Pneumatic Tool
9 oz cylinder 20 oz cylinder
1" Brad Nailer 675 1500
2" Brad/Stapler Combo Nailer 338 750
Pin Nailer 675 1500
Roofing Nailer 135 300
Grease Gun 3 tubes 6 tubes
1" Narrow Crown Stapler 225 500
Caulking Gun 3 tubes 6 tubes
Hardwood Flooring Nailer 135 300
Air fill capacity 5.67 cu.ft. 12.6 cu. ft.
* The numbers listed in the chart are based on our laboratory test results using a 100% full CO2 cylinder. Results may vary in actual field conditions
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