Jac Pac C02 Power System

Getting Started

JacPac Kit Remove the parts from the JacPac® carrying case.

  1. The CO2 cylinder does NOT contain CO2. You must get it filled before it can be used to power your air powered hand tools.
  2. Once filled with CO2, screw the cylinder into the bottom flange of the JacPac Regulator. Make sure there is an o-ring in the top groove of the brass connector on your cylinder. This o-ring acts as a seal. Replacement safety seal o-rings are packaged in your JacPac kit.
  3. Ensure the cylinder and regulator are tightly sealed.
  4. Attach the air hose fitting to the fitting on the JacPac regulator.
  5. Attach the pneumatic hand tool of choice to the quick connect universal fitting on the hose.
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