Jac Pac C02 Power System

Frequently Asked Questions

Listed below are the most common questions about using JacPac. If you have a question not answered here or in the instruction manual, please email us at .

Q) How much does the complete assembly weigh?
A) The regulator, a full 9 oz cylinder and hose assembly weighs approximately 3.5 lbs. Changing to a 20 oz cylinder results in a total weight of 4.75 lbs.


Q) How long does the CO2 cylinder last?
A) This depends on the tool you are using. Refer to the CO2 Cylinder Capacity chart or the owner’s manual for specific applications.


Q) What size cylinder should I use? A 9 oz or 20 oz?
A) For smaller tools such as pin nailers, brad nailers, caulking guns, etc., using either size works well. The 9 oz size will give hundreds of shots and weigh less.


Q) For larger tools such as framing nailers and roofing guns, should I use a 20 oz cylinder?
A) Larger tools require more CO2 gas per shot. A 20 oz cylinder can convert the gas needed per shot more quickly, resulting in faster firing.


Q) What should I keep in mind when using CO2 cylinders?
A) CO2 cylinders are under high pressure. When detaching cylinders from the regulator, make sure that the valve does not separate from the cylinder.

See our Safety and Storage and Handling of CO2 Cylinders.

Q) How do I know when the cylinder is empty?
A) Once the cylinder is empty, the gun will simply stop discharging -- no more "shots" left. Unlike a battery tool that begins to weaken as the charge decreases, a CO2 system provides full power right to the last shot. At this point refill. It is recommended to keep a spare full cylinder on hand.

Q) Is the use of CO2 damaging to standard air tools?
A) No. CO2 is a dry, clean gas, therefore no moisture is getting through to the tool that is being used. It is standard recommended practice to add 4-6 drops of SAE10 non-detergent machine oil into the air fitting of the tool after use and before storing the tool away. This application of oil is recommended whether using a standard compressor or CO2 cylinder system.

Q) Is there a lot of maintenance to the system?
A) No. All other components of the JacPac regulator are industry standard fittings, which have a proven and durable life cycle. Regular oiling and cleaning will ensure longer life.

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