Jac Pac C02 Power System

Woodcraft Magazine Tests JacPac!

Sun, Dec 7th, 2008

Woodcraft Magazine tester James Nuckolls says this about the JacPac kit he used:jacpac plus nailer
"For years I have been looking for another option to cordless nail guns that are expensive, bulky and require
special maintenance. Now I can use my favorite nail gun just like a cordless one! No more dragging around heavy compressors and long hoses. I found I could clip the new CO2-powered JacPac system to my belt, and I can go anywhere in the house or shop. The reusable CO2 cylinder is economical to refill (at any paintball supply or sporting goods store), and one charge fires up to 500 brads/staples. The kit includes a 9 oz. CO2 cylinder (shipped empty), 10 ft. of hose, a replacement O-ring set, safety glasses, instructions and carrying case."

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