Jac Pac C02 Power System

JacPac Kit

JacPac - The Powerful CO2 Compressor For Pneumatic Hand Tools

JacPac® CO2 is an award-winning power system that uses refillable liquid CO2 cylinders. It provides all the power of a traditional air compressor but fits into the palm of your hand.

The JacPac® CO2 Power System, including the regulator, 10-foot hose and liquid CO2 cylinder, hooks onto your belt and fits any standard pneumatic tool. The enormous energy contained in liquid CO2 gives you full power to operate your pneumatic – air powered – hand tools without the need of a traditional air compressor.

JacPac Advantages

The JacPac® CO2 Power System has revolutionized the power tool industry, winning numerous innovation awards including Popular Mechanics magazine’s Editors' Choice Award for Innovation and Design. Workbench magazine named JacPac one of the Top 10 Innovations of 2007 and BUILDERnews called it one of the Best Products of 2007.


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